An industry-first: Enterprise-Class Technology That’s Absolutely Liberating for SMB.

NETGEAR ReadyDATA is a unified storage (NAS/SAN) platform featuring enterprise-class technology designed for businesses of any size. With unlimited snapshots, block-level replication, native deduplication, and SMB-friendly form factors, ReadyDATA frees high-end data protection, disaster recovery and data integrity technologies from the oppressive contracts, license agreements, and costs of “Big IT” vendors.

ReadyDATA Series

End Time and Space-Eating Full Backups, Forever!

ReadyRECOVER is a complete backup and recovery appliance designed for small and medium-sized business. Next-generation file system technology guarantees data integrity, efficient use of storage capacity and minimal impact to computing resources. With ReadyRECOVER, full backups are instantly created every 15 minutes and can independently be used to quickly and reliably restore files, folders or systems to any platform, physical or virtual..

ReadyRECOVER Backup Appliance